Taking Control of the Menopause

Within Eve can help you take control of your body, even with perimenopause or menopause symptoms.

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Targeted menopause and perimenopause relief

Within Eve focuses on helping women who are going through menopause and perimenopause. Using our sensor to do a full body energy analysis, we can understand what foods and behaviours trigger your symptoms. This can help you to improve your symptoms throughout perimenopause and menopause by giving you the chance to work with your body, not against it.

Nutrition and menopause have been linked by researchers for a long time, and it makes complete sense that one would affect the other. What we choose to put in our bodies is, of course, going to alter the levels of various hormones and sugars within our blood. Putting the wrong things for our unique biology can make our menopausal and perimenopausal symptoms much worse.

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No ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, just "when' and 'how'

It’s hard, though, to know which foods fall into those ‘wrong’ and ‘right’ categories, and when we’re experiencing such hormonal turmoil, it’s really difficult to cut out foods that we enjoy. That’s why Within Eve works as a menopause and perimenopause coach that doesn’t require you to cut anything out. You can still enjoy those Pringles that are your guilty pleasure or those chocolates your partner got you for Valentine’s Day. All that Within Eve does is show you when and how to enjoy them without impacting your health.

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A vicious cycle

As women, throughout our lives, our hormones fluctuate, sometimes wildly! We normally function on a 28-day hormone cycle when it comes to our menstruation hormones. But we also have a 24-hour hormone cycle. Between the two, it can be hard to know what exactly is going on in your body at any given time! And then add the complexity of the hormone decline into menopause.

With the help of Within Eve’s sensor, you can get to grips with what your body is doing, and when. This, along with the help of our Within Eve team, will allow you to understand the best way to harmonise your diet, sleep and exercise with your body.

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Be part of the start of better Menopause Health and take control of your life, register your interest with us today…

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From weight loss to increased energy, better sleep and focus, and improved control of emotions. Join us and be part of it!

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Helping you stop symptoms in their tracks

Menopause and perimenopause don’t have to be daunting, with the right knowledge and support it’s possible to thrive and embrace mid-life – all you need is your body’s sat. nav and the coaching from Within Eve to get back in control of your body. Have more questions? See our Within Eve wearable technology FAQs.


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Within Eve has changed my life! After years of suffering with exhaustion, constant illnesses, skin irritations, things I had never experienced in my life before, I thought I was losing my mind! Blood test after blood test came back negative, but no one could get to the bottom of my health issues, lack of energy and constant rashes.

I found Within Eve, when I was literally at the end of my tether, dreading another winter of bugs and illness, and I can honestly say it has propelled my life in a new, positive direction.

I can’t cope with meal prepping, recipes for every meal and snack of the day – I work full time, with young kids and simply don’t have the time to keep on top of my eating at such a planned level. I would manage the recipes of systems such as Zoe or Gplan for a few weeks, then Id have to travel with work, or have a tough day   and not manage to find time for cooking. 

Within 10 of implementing the “Within Eve life hacks” – personal life hacks tailored to what my sensor was saying I lost 7lbs. I now have another 7 to loose (weight I have never been able to shift) and I know I will do it easily. No recipes, no planning ahead, just simple life hacks and a different way of looking at food.

Further, Within Eve wrote up their findings for my doctor, and for the first time in 3 years, I actually feel like I’m on a path to solution! I don’t feel like a hypochondriac anymore and I feel that the end of my suffering is in sight. It has really lifted me, given me a positive focus. And I cannot thank the team at Within Eve enough for salvaging my life, my well being and my sanity!!!

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